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The pride of Indonesians to wear batik till the present day has preserved this art of textile. The beauty of Batik is a tribute to the patience, creativity of the woman of Java. We have access to the heartland areas where this wonderful cloth is produced.

Ikat & Sarongs
Textiles and Fabrics are produced in Indonesia are of traditional origin, both handmade and made by machine. Different regions have individual patterns & colors. Can be matched well with all tastes of décor.

Stone Carvings
We can provide natural stones from traditional locations in Indonesia to create decorative stones or
modern and traditional stone carvings of abstract, Animist & Balinese depictions.

Wooden Carvings
Indonesian wood carvers are extremely talented and produce a myriad of works from fine art to gift shop trinkets. Examples such as life size teak figurines, animals and mythical creatures to functional carved wooden furniture. Indonesian wood carvings can be finished in natural wood tones or hand painted with intricate detail and dazzling colors.