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Need trustworthy & skilled negotiators with your interests first & fore-most in mind? Our representatives have negotiated through all levels from small village transactions to upper level highly sensitive matters with the military and high echelon government officers.

Our track record of successful & fruitful negotiations since 1994 is extensive, we know how the game in Indonesia is played, let us keep you on a even field in a land of opportunity.

Export: Where to buy at the lowest prices! The dilemma of all sound export strategies. Let out team set up business plans & strategies to ensure your exports have the viability you need and avoid the ever present pitfalls that can arise in the exportation process.

Business set up: Our accessed teams of skilled lawyers, accountants, business planners and on the ground investigators have assisted in set up all types of Indonesian companies.

CV (small traders), PT (Indonesian partners), and PMA (foreign ownership) can be tailor made to your needs with minimal exposure & bureaucratic problem avoidance. Avoid the uncertainty of unknown partners, legal advice and government red tape. Out trusted proven teams can set your business needs in practice with sound strategies and concise results.